How to Track a Lost Phone in Accurate Ways

How to Track a Lost Phone in Accurate Ways

In this article, I will tell you how to track a lost phone in different accurate ways. 

It may be painful and stressful to lose a phone. Our full digital life is recorded on these little devices, so it is important to know how to find a phone if it goes missing. The problem is that there are so many options, but it can be hard to know where to start. I will tell you how to track a lost phone in accurate ways. So you can track it very quickly.

Have hope and don’t panic! If you can’t find your phone, follow these surefire ways to track it.

Use these methods if you lose your phone!

  • First, you download a fake shutdown app. With this app, you can track your phone if someone turns off your phone. (Hammer App)
  • Always keep your phone ring on if you go out or to the market.
  • You can send sms or call to lost phone so you can easily find out if someone picked up your phone.
  • Check out the places nearby.

How to Set up a Fake Shutdown with a Hammer

Hammer is a fake shutdown app

First, you download the app from the Play Store. 

1: Open the app

2: Enable all options (accessibility)

3: Open the app home 

4: Enable fake shutdown

5: Add the emergency number

6: And fake shutdown on

7: If you turn off your phone, you can see this type of option.

Hammer power off option

8: Click on this icon and the phone will turn off

9: Charge your phone to remove the shutdown

10: Use fake airplane mode and many other features

How to Track a Lost Android Phone with Find My Device

You can track your phone with find my device
  • Finding that your Android mobile is missing can be a painful experience. The correct information is that Google provides a fast tool to help you find and track your lost device. Find My Device is a useful service that can help you locate your lost cell phone quickly and easily.
  • To use Find My Device, you must first ensure that your smartphone is carrier enabled. Open Settings and find Security, then select Find My Device. Here, you can activate the feature and make sure your tool is set to allow tracking of the surrounding area.
  • Once you have shown that Find My Device is enabled, you may use it to locate your misplaced cellphone. You can get the right of entry to the carrier from any web browser by going to the “Find My Device” internet site and signing in with the Google account related to your device.
  • Once you have signed in, Find My Device will display a map showing the place of your smartphone. You can use the service to make your phone ring at complete volume, even if it’s far on silent mode. If you’re not able to retrieve your telephone, you can additionally use Find My Device to erase all the data on your device remotely.
  • It is worth noting that for Find My Device to work, your lost phone has to become on and connected to the internet. If your phone is turned off or out of range, the service will not be able to find it.

How to Track a Lost iPhone with Find My Device

You can track your iPhone with Find my iPhone

To locate your lost iPhone, you must first enable Find My on your iPhone. If you’ve already enabled this option, you can log in to virtually or use the Find My app on another Apple device. Sign in with your Apple ID and password, then you can see the location of your lost iPhone on the map.

You can also see the record of your device in which it is located. If your phone is lost somewhere nearby and can no longer be found. You can enable the play sound feature. Despite the fact that it is on silent mode, it will help you discover it. This feature is great if your device is in a public location. If your iPhone is not nearby or you suspect it has been stolen, you can use Lost Mode. This will lock your device and show a message along with your phone number at the lock screen, so if a person reveals it, they can contact you.

You can also put a passcode on the tool remotely, so even though a person finds it, they may not be able to access your data. If you trust your iPhone has been stolen and also you can not recover it, you may erase its information. This will protect your data And will prevent anyone from accessing it. If you have another iPhone, you can restore it to the phone.

How to Track a Lost phone with IMEI

You can track your phone with IMEI

There are several methods to find it, even in case you don’t have a tracking app hooked up. One of the simplest methods is by using the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) range. The IMEI is a completely unique code assigned to each phone that can be used to track and block stolen phones.

  • It consists of 15 digits. You can see it by dialing *#06# on the phone dialer.
  • Go to your phone’s settings and search there IMEI. There you will find the IMEI.
  • See the IMEI on the phone box.
  • Contact your seller.

Track lost phone by IMEI. Check these steps to follow.

  • Contact your cellular carrier and report your phone as misplaced or stolen. They will block your phone’s IMEI, making it unusable for calls or records.
  • Report to the police and register your IMEI number with them. This will assist law enforcement to locate your phone.
  •  There are many websites, and all of these websites are fake. It is very difficult to track a lost phone with IMEI. The easiest way to track a phone’s IMEI is to visit the police station. The police will immediately investigate and trace him as soon as possible. However, beware of scams. Some valid alternatives include IMEI Tracker and Track IMEI.

 How to Track a Lost phone with Customer Carrier

Contact your carrier first. Doing so will help you track the phone, which allows you to help in deactivating your phone. Your service’s customer support crew can also provide extra aid and help with securing your account and moving your data to a new device. Now it depends on the carrier whether it helps you or not.

 How to Track a Lost phone with third-party websites

Honestly speaking. You can never track your phone from a third-party website. Because you need to create your account in it first and connect the phone. You must have a phone to control it. But you lost your phone. That’s why you don’t track your phone with a third-party website. All the ways are fake because you don’t have a phone.


In this blog, I have told you how to track a lost phone in Accurate Ways. The best way is to track the phone through the IMEI. Because sometimes your phone turns off or doesn’t connect to the internet, Find My Device doesn’t track your phone.

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